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About us

It all started in 1961

Camping 't Veerse Meer (then 1.2 hectares in size) was established in 1961. In 1978 the campsite came into the possession of the Jasperse family. Jaap Jasperse felt that the campsite was rather small and therefore expanded it to 2.5 hectares. At that time the campsite was still managed by Mr Mosselman.

Camping 't Veerse Meer 1986

A new start

In 1986, Stan Jasperse, Jaap's son, had finished his studies and enthusiastically started managing the campsite. He almost immediately started building a canteen. In 1988 he married Marleen, after which they jointly managed the campsite. The campsite was extended twice between 1988 and 2001, making a total of 6.2 hectares. In addition, a number of children were born: Marjan (1993), Jaco (1994), Linda (1996) and Bas (2004).  

Camping 't Veerse Meer team

The big renovation

In 2005, the family (and the customer) was fed up with the outdated toilet block, and it was completely demolished and refurbished to meet modern requirements. In 2006, the reception building followed suit, making it much brighter, more modern and more accessible. In 2008, the entrance was also renovated. The driveway was removed and made about twice as wide, creating a separate entrance and exit. In 2009, a new project was started, but this one took longer. From the beginning, there was a wild forest behind the campsite, a forest that could become part of the campsite. The forest was now gradually transformed into a beautiful campsite. The campsite now covers 9.5 hectares including the forest.

What is the current situation?

At the moment we are still continuously working on expanding and improving our campsite. In the winter of 2018 / 2019, a camper park was built. We are now working with the whole family with great pleasure at the campsite to make your stay even more enjoyable. Of course, we also employ a few staff members and holiday workers who help us with this task. 

Camping 't Veerse Meer