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In the middle of the province of Zeeland lies the peninsula of Zuid-Beveland, between the Oosterschelde and Westerschelde estuaries. In this beautiful region, water and land come together in a very special way. Zuid-Beveland is especially known for its beautiful polder landscape, such as the Zak van Zuid-Beveland. In spring, the dykes are full of beautiful blossoming fruit trees and bushes. A perfect location to enjoy the peace, space and nature while cycling or walking.

On the peninsula, there are a number of villages and cities that are worth visiting. Do you fancy a day of shopping? Then Goes is the perfect destination. Besides the big chain shops, you will also find smaller, more exclusive shops.

A holiday on Zuid-Beveland should of course include a visit to Yerseke. Mussel lovers can't believe their luck in this village. Get a portion of fresh mussels and oysters from the local fishermen.

The Veerse Meer connects Zuid-Beveland with Noord-Beveland. The damming up of the lake in the 1960s has turned it into a fine recreational lake without major influences from the sea. A favourite hotspot for water sports enthusiasts.

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