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Day trips in Zeeland

Camping 't Veerse Meer has a beautiful central location in Zeeland. An ideal starting point for trips out to lovely places in Zeeland. If you like shopping, we recommend a visit to the pleasant towns of Goes, Middelburg or Zierikzee. The historic town of Veere is also worth a visit. 

Our campsite is not called 't Veerse Meer for nothing; the water is within walking distance. The Veerse Meer is known for its many water sport opportunities. But there's also plenty to do if you want to explore Zeeland's hinterland. We have listed a few tips for you!

  1. Delta Works: if you drive to Zeeland, there is a good chance that you have passed over one or more of the Delta Works. The flood disaster in 1953 prompted the construction of these dams and sluices. Well-known are the Oosterscheldekering and the Brouwersdam. Would you like to know more about them? Then visit the Delta Park Neeltje Jans.
  2. Historische steden: Zeeland has a rich history because of the VOC. In some cities, you can still see many traces. Pay a visit to Veere, Zierikzee or the fortified town of Hulst.
  3. WatersnoodmuseumEverything about the 1953 North Sea floods. Find out more about the story then and now. 

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